What is fINdings?

“An enterprise to encourage creative solutions to artistic and learning endeavors”fINdings Corita Kent paintings

fINdings is an organization dedicated to the promotion of the art and teachings of Corita Kent.  Corita’s artwork and her educational model, which is tailored to the creative leaner, have together inspired the birth of fINdings.

We seek to expose contemporary society to this extraordinary woman’s insights through art shows, installations, conferences, and presentations. fINdings works to propel Corita Kent’s dream to promote peace and justice by working strategically and creatively. We challenge our community to become more responsive to those in need of respect and human dignity.

Our Way of fINding:

In our efforts to promote an artistic approach to education, we offer many different resources:

The first step toward learning from art is being exposed to it. Art is an expression of thought and emotion like any other. One can learn as much from a painting as they can from reading an essay or talking to a teacher. Our gallery displays the works of, not only Corita Kent, but also her students, her proteges, and many other artists in the San Pedro area.


The Executive Director of fINdings Art Center, Annette Ciketic, also manages an art studio in San Pedro. Studio H2-OH! at Angels Gate Cultural Center is the artist’s workspace which offers a place for creative growth and development of projects associated with the fINdings Art Center.

Studio Art

The fINdings Women’s Project is a collaborative endeavor by which women are empowered through the creation of art. They are encouraged to get involved in their community by making and selling art pieces. This program has allowed them to improve their skills in entrepreneurship, English language, art, and much more.

Women's Project Elephant

fINdings‘ artistic endeavors support many causes regarding social justice. Our support extends from events and organizations like Rainbow House (an abused women’s shelter) to Beacon House (a program for recovering alcoholic men) to the annual Children’s Expo to Dia de los Muertos.

Pocket Hearts

Many of the pieces you’ll find through fINdings can be yours to take home with you! The artwork displayed in our gift shop (Corita’s or the work of other artists) is available for purchase. Swing by our headquarters on 6th Street in San Pedro so we can help you pick out the pieces that speak to you.

Rabbit and Owl Plush

Event consultation, artist mentoring, learner-centered educational conferences business retreats, and strategic planning workshops are just a few of the additional contributions fINdings regularly makes to the local community. We are constantly striving to improve our society.

Corita Art